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Jewish Heritage programs

Jewish Continuity – A Spiritual Adventure in Israel

Exploring Jewish heritage in Israel is spiritually inspiring. Touring Israel is an adventure touching on the soul and mind. Combining spirituality and adventure just for you is what we do.



A Mosaic of Ancient and New – Heritage Quilt tours

Our building blocks are the fascinating sites of old and new in this tiny land brimming with history full of fantastic tales of strife and valor;

The ‘Halutzim’ (Pioneers)- the Kibbutzim Movement its significance to the building of the State, Tel-Aviv – Israel’s only true metropolitan …
Valor and Heroism in Battle – Massada, the War of Independence, the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War. The Golan Heights,
The Judean desert hiding caves from the time of the Great Rebellion, the battle field site of David and Goliath …
Historical Israel – Old and New – visits to Jerusalem: The Kotel with its labyrinth of underground tunnels and passageways,
Temple Mount, Citadel Museum, The Kardo, the Shrine of the Book and of course – Yad Vashem. Machneh Yehuda market, Me’ah She’arim the
most religious neighbourhood of Jerusalem where time stood still… Zefat, the Center of Kabbalah, Galilee, Zippori, Beth Shean, Beit Alpha, Tiberias.
Fascinating glimpses into days long gone by – Qumeran, the site in which the Dead Sea scrolls were found, Beth Shean (the ancient city of Skitopolis), Tel Maresha Archaeological digs (Dig for a Day), and many, many more.
Visiting an IDF base fills the heart with pride – it can be arranged. Ask us about it.
Planting a tree in a JNF forest – shows that you care There is so much to see, feel, experience and share.



Your Jewish Connection

You only have to provide us with your preferences, time frame, expectations and a few more details, at which point we are good to go.
We love putting our heads together and forming the best tour to best suit you.

We know how to do this because your jewish heritage is ours too. Contatct us to learn more about a heritage tour that is all yours, assured to touch and move you, creating memories of a lifetime.




Out from the overflow of your heart, you speaketh and make the journey of where Jesus walk come alive. There was never a dull moment with you in our bus. We were so bless because you made it not only very informative and very detailed but the depthness and degree of your personal encounter with […]

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