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Jewish Heritage programs

Jewish Heritage Tours – Roots that We Share…
We are a tiny People with a huge heritage, and it all began here – in Israel.

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Christian tours

Christian Tours in The Holy Land – The Bible Comes Alive

Feel the need for a life changing spiritual journey?
Planning a pilgrimage to the Land of Promise?
Ever dreamt of walking in the footsteps of Jesus?
It is in this land that Jesus walked on the water
Here he lived, here he preached and taught,
here he died and rose again.

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By Camera

Capture the Essence of Israel by Camera Whilst photography will be the determining factor of your personalized touring itinerary, we make sure to include in it fascinating local culture, history, flora and fauna. Enjoy a Unique Photographic Experience of Israel Photography is about capturing the moment, this is why flexibility on route is so important. […]

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Special Interests

Turn Your Hobbies and Special Interests into a Holiday Adventure in Israel Your special interests will guide us when putting together a personalized tour itinerary – comprising a blend of holiday, exploration and discovery involving all your faculties and creating a super focused, super special program suited exactly to you! Your Special Interest Guides Us […]

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Amazing nature trails

Tour ‘Off Road’ Israel Cross the country along trails in nature that are ‘off the beaten track’ We will take you where most people won’t. By putting yourselves into capable hands you are in for a very special adventure…

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Tour April 2013 Tour leader Tyler Ward wrote: U.S.A. Leor is incredible! I’ve toured Israel with him 4 times – and am looking forward to our 5th tour in April 2013. There is no one I would rather tour the land with. Leor’s knowledge and experience, combined with his endearing personality and sense of humor, […]

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