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By Camera

Capture the Essence of Israel by Camera

Whilst photography will be the determining factor
of your personalized touring itinerary,
we make sure to include in it fascinating
local culture, history, flora and fauna.

Enjoy a Unique Photographic Experience of Israel

Photography is about capturing the moment, this is
why flexibility on route is so important. It allows you
to make the most of unique photographic opportunities
encountered along the way.
With photography being about location and focus
we employ flexibility and ingenuity so that
no opportunity is missed. And yes,
the right timing is super important too.
Bring your photo gear with you. The rest is on us.


September 09 8:31am Sandy Lipschitz Chait I have obvioulsy been around now and seen plenty guides in action, you were the best. Please use us as a reference- it will be our pleasure. Our kids even keep talking about you and wanted to visit you when we were on our way home from the dead […]

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