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Special Interests

Turn Your Hobbies and Special Interests into a Holiday Adventure in Israel

Your special interests will guide us when putting together a
personalized tour itinerary – comprising a
blend of holiday, exploration and discovery
involving all your faculties and creating
a super focused, super special program suited exactly to you!


Your Special Interest Guides Us

If wine is ‘your thing’ or jeeps just ‘do it to you’
whether the desert catches your imagination
or you just want the opportunity to learn how to
take the perfect shot with your camera
whilst enjoying a holiday in Israel – we will make it happen.

The Spiritual Journey on 24Nov’13-01Dec’13 was not just memorable but very informative/educational as well. Thanks to you, Leor, our tour guide, who not only know the place by heart but also the content of the Bible. May the good Lord bless and continually use you:)

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